Saturday, July 20, 2013

Shout-out to the Des Moines-based band, Crawford County, for a good deed!

There is no bigger local music fan/supporter/friend in Des Moines than Wendy Hull Coon.  She is known for her blog Wednesday's notes, attending more shows than anyone, and her awesome band photos.  One Hundred Mondays always appreciates her support and love to have her around when we play.

But last week at a show, some drunk chick accidentally broke Wendy's camera.  Wendy didn't have the means to buy a new camera.

OHM celebrating Wendy's birthday
We wanted to send a shout out to another Des Moines-based band Crawford County.  Last night they brought Wendy up on stage during their show, asked her how many shows she had seen this year (she has seen 230 local shows through June!!) and gave her some cash to get a new camera.  It was a class act.  And Wendy deserved it (and really appreciated it).  Here's to many, many more photos with an even better camera!

If you are in a "liking" mood, go to Wendy's blog, Wednesday's Notes and Crawford County FB page.