Saturday, January 5, 2013

Your digital photo could be the cover art for our new EP

Calling all freelance, professional, amateur photographers....and Instagram heroes!

We believe that our friends and acquaintances possess wonderful talents and artistic gifts.

Therefore, we want to feature a photo, taken by a friend or local artist/photographer, to be the cover art for our soon-to-be-released digital EP (short CD).

Think rock-n-roll. If you have taken a cool vintage, retro, abstract, black/white, interesting or unique photo--we would like to feature it.

You could be the next Andy Warhol and this could be the opportunity to jumpstart your photography career...but don't hold your breath.  It would,  however,  be neat to see your photo on iTunes, amazon, bandcamp and other places that will carry our music.

Everyone who submits a photo will receive a free One Hundred Mondays sticker.  The digital photo that is selected as the cover will get a gift prize pack from OHM---and will be famous for providing the artwork for our new digital EP.  Also we will give the winning artist full credit and promote your business (if you have one) on our webpage, blog, facebook page, and via twitter.

All you have to do is email your digital image (and your mailing address) to us at:

I hope you will consider submitting a photo...It may take a whole 2 minutes of your time to email us a digital photo.  Also feel free to pass this along to a photographer friend.

Thank you and best wishes for success in 2013!

**Here is our debut CD Edge of the Canvas