Friday, January 13, 2012

Edge of the Canvas

Edge of the Canvas is the debut album from One Hundred Mondays.  It features 10 original tunes.

Intersections is a song that chronicles what happens when a past memory of a sensationalized person or place intrudes upon one’s present reality.

The boy in Sioux Falls fell in love with a girl at the Pomp Room, a legendary (and now closed) rock venue downtown. Later she wants to move back to her home out east.  The boy has to make a decision: the girl or his home of Sioux Falls.

The sighting of a black cat (El Gato Negro) evokes superstitious fear.  Why? Stereotypes. This wiry number offers advice for those who are able to see beyond broad generalizations.

For our friends who battle the status quo….we offer Outlaw Hero.

“The chip on my shoulder….I can barely see.”  Stranger is an open-chord, rock anthem. Bridge pick-ups, big drums, and a howling vocalist. 

A distraught soul returns to his home in the barren Nebraska Sandhills to find answers to the questions he asks.

Two Balconies
tells of the dialogue between two neighbors living in low-rent housing.  In the distance they can see the golden dome of the state’s capital and give a poignant and insightful analysis of the differences between the statehouse and their house.

The protagonist in Cemetery Morning is wrestling with unidentified death.  Apparently time hasn’t healed the wounds.  On his way to work every morning he stops to visit the cemetery in search of something.

I’m good by myself, but I’m Better with You.

The melding of rock and the blues, Don’t Waste Your Love on Me features driving percussion, industrial guitar rhythms and a captivating hook.