Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Meet Eric, OHM Bass player: PART 1

Eric Smidt joined One Hundred Mondays in February, and is technically the newest member of the band.  Playing a 5 string bass, Eric was able to learn the songs from the first album Edge of the Canvas quickly….very quickly, in fact.  Eric brings energy to the stage show and the ability to play infectious bass lines that compliments the rest of the band.  Eric will write and play all the bass parts for the upcoming EP release.

When OHM was looking for a bass player, Jerrid suggested his old friend, Eric.  They were in a couple of bands together in high school/college including Modern Day Hero and Fourth Wall.  

Eric said of Fourth Wall, their first ever band, “We did shows for our high school friends and recorded our first self-titled album in Sioux City in a “recording studio” where the guy who recorded it apparently played steel guitar with the keyboardist from Steve Miller Band.  Back then, cassette tapes were still the standard for distribution with compact discs being a “new thing.” In all, 50 tapes were produced along with 10 CD’s.  After the studio session, we did a lot of self-recording where everything was pre-mixed and had to be recorded as a band in one take.”

Eric, an educator, and his wife, Karen, own K and E Productions and are proud new parents to twins and live in Ames.  See and hear Eric’s work on "Stranger".