Wednesday, January 23, 2013

OHM joins the Brolester Records Family

One Hundred Mondays are pleased to announce that we have joined the Brolester Records family.  Brolester Records is an independent record company from Des Moines founded by Jeremiah Tuhn and David Arentson in early 2011.  Tuhn said, "We are thrilled to bring One Hundred Mondays' vintage/modern rock to our company."

Brolester will distribute OHM's debut CD Edge of the Canvas. Go to their website to buy your copy.

Other artists in the Brolester family include:  Monster-rockers, Superchief; blue-grass stompers, Patrick's Beard and the Rusty Razors; DM-punk-rockers, North of Grand; and Electric Tauraus,

Brolester is an progressive company created by musicians for musicians.  Tuhn said, "We are interested in ALL generes of music; that could be metal or punk or indie or blues or country or bluegrass.  We are just huge fans of music!"

PS- go to their facebook page and give them a "like".  A like for them is a like for OHM.  We appreciate your support.